Here we tell you six amazing benefits of honey for your hair growth.

1. Honey is a  natural softener which makes it a superb hair conditioner that smoothens your hair.

2. Honey is a good source of antioxidents. This helps it stimulate hair growth and make your scalp healthy.

3. Honey is a natural emollien, this helps improve the health of  hair follicles. Strengthening of hair follicles boosts hair growth. It also rejuvenate the dead follicles  thus improving the hair strength.

4. The sugar content in honey helps retain moisture in scalp. Its humectant property prevents loss of moisture, as a result it  strengthens the hair follicles.

5. The antibacterial and antiseptic quality of honey prevents your scalp from infections which helps keep scalp clean and bacteria free. This help prevent dandruff and itchiness on scalp.

6. Honey revitalize the dry and unhealthy hair. It makes your hair lustrous and fight the problem of hair loss.

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