London, Jan 13 (Agencies):  Honey and marmalade once constituted the important parts of the breakfast table but now they no longer form a part of the British breakfast table. They have now been replaced by less healthy treats for the morning meal. A study has revealed that people are now using chocolate and peanut butter spreads to start their day.

"Paddington and Pooh will be scratching their heads over it but people seem to have fallen out of love with marmalade and honey," a magazine quoted.

Paddington and Pooh are two fictional characters in children's literature and are known for their fondness of marmalade and honey respectively.

Reportedly the chocolate and peanut butter spread sales soared by eight percent last year, cashing in on the changing tastes of adults and children.

In contrast, sales of honey, which has risen in price by over 10 percent, slumped 1.9 percent. Sales of marmalade have fallen too, by 5.6 percent over two years, and are now the least sought out jam by families.

The report says marmalade is less popular because of its limited appeal to those aged under 65.