Confirming this, he said, "Yes, I flew into Dubai with my close friends and family for my birthday. I've been working really hard. So I deserve to party hard, right?"

"Only friends from outside the film industry. All my close friends are people I knew before my Bollywood connection was strengthened. I hardly get time to spend with my close friends and family,” the rapper said.

"My family has given up on me. They don't bother me at all. They know this is the time for me to build my career. The family feels, 'Issko joh karna hai karne doh (Let him do what he wants to do)'. There is no interference or demand for my time from them. So it is my duty to take out time for them," he added.

He has crossed the 30 mark but Honey Singh feels younger.

"At 31, I feel I am 22. Actually, I stopped growing when I was 22. In my heart and mind, I'll be 22 forever. Life is too beautiful to think of age. I was just a young boy from Punjab with big dreams. My parents thought I'd never make anything of my life. But I was sure of what I wanted to do,” he said.

"Today I feel I am in a dream. I feel like a kid in toy store. I don't know what to pick up and what not to pick. My life is a shopping mall of options. I can pick up whatever I like," said the popular rapper, whose one unfulfilled desire is to do something to better the lives of under-privileged children,” Honey said.

"When I see children go hungry, my heart bleeds. I want to work towards improving the prospects of children who do not get enough to eat. If kids continue to go hungry, how can I be happy singing? So my birthday wish is to not see a single hungry child in the country," he added.


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