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Perfect whereabouts for love

A mutual understanding is the foundation stone of a conjugal life and to spice up the romance, it’s very important that couples should spend a quality time with each other. For this, honeymoon is the best option, which is really the best moment in a married couple's life. Honeymoon offers opportunity to the married couples to make it very special and memorable romantic moment. Couples generally prefer beautiful natural environment for this. But it’s very important that whether you choose beaches or hilly location, it must be close to your place. Here ‘Sakhi’ presents some exotic national and international honeymoon whereabouts, which not only give a beautiful impact on your relationship but also showers bliss in your conjugal life.

Sri Lanka: Romancing on the beach

If you are really fond of beaches, there are so many places in our country. However, India has many beautiful islands and beaches and Goa is hot spot for this. If you want to go abroad for honeymoon, Sri Lanka may be the most appropriate place. Sri Lanka's clean beaches are still quite free from any contamination and pollution. That is why the sea beaches of Sri Lanka famous among world’s beaches. And if you want to add adventure in your romantic trip, you can also do snorkeling, wind surfing and scuba diving in a very affordable price.

Important places: Gale, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Mount Lavinia, Negombo, Bentota, Amabalngoda, Weligama, Trinkomali, Neelaveli, Kaalkuda and Arugam are the most hot spots for beautiful beaches. Even if you want you can enjoy mountain sights and Lord Buddha’s religious places over here.

Suitable weather: Well, you can go Sri Lanka any time but the most suitable time is December to March and May to September.

Visa: Here visa is on arrival for Indians.

South Korea: Loveland or new Khajuraho

Sex is not only the foundation of spousal life but also the base of nature. However, this topic is still like taboo in our society. More or less, sex is like forbidden fruit which nobody wants to share. But what if newly married couple gets the same feeling what people have while seeing Khajuraho’s statues far from India. South Korea’s Jeju Is land in Volcano Island is the perfect love land for couples. This place is known for sex education since ancient time in South Korea. Now this loveland redeveloped and renewed as a sex based theme park, where 140 human sculptures installed in different postures. Even Korea is famous among shopaholics.

Important places: Apart from Loveland, you can also visit Seoul, Busan, Degu, Dejian, Ulsaan, Inchiyaan, Mokpo, Suwaan and Yongin.

Suitable weather: South Korea witnesses heavy down pour in June and July. Light rain also occurs in September month. Accept this months, rest whole year is considered beneficial for tourism in South Korea. But most favourable time for Korea visit is from September to November and March to May.

Visa: You can get visa after few formalities.

Rangeelo Rajasthan in India

India is probably the only country in the world where nature presents its vibrant colours. Rajasthan, the only dessert in the world, which is full of colours and culture. It’s totally contradicted to any dessert, because here, life is full with colour. If you go anywhere, whether town or village, even you don’t realize that this is dessert. In-fact, now-a-days this place becomes hottest trend among honeymoon goers. The palaces and forts are magnificent and their hospitality attracts many tourists. If you go there, you can travel by palace on wheels and you can also relish the enriching experience of royal palaces over here. On the other hand if you join camel riding you completely sink in the milieu of dessert and become oblivious to outer world. That is why it becomes hottest honeymoon spot among Europeans and Americans.

Important places: if you want to see sand dunes and want to go for a camel ride, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur are best option for this. For palaces and forts, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kota and Ajmer are best. If you are interested in wild life, you must go for Ranthambore sanctuary.

Suitable weather: However, you can visit Rajasthan throughout the year but September to March is favourable month for touring. Because during this month, you don’t feel scorching heat and even you don’t see raining there.

Malaysia: Full of life

If you like lavish and fun-filled lifestyle, Malaysia is the best option for you. Malaysia ranks 11th in the list of most preferred hang out places in the world. You can also indulge in adventurous games here.
As far as food is concerned one can easily find North and South Indian and Chinese cuisines here. Malaysia is one of the hottest hubs for sea food. It is also famous for good quality chocolates which are available at a reasonable price.

You can also buy good electronic items at an affordable rate. Apart from fun and food this country has a religious side to it which you can explore. Malaysia’s wildlife is also one of the reasons you should go there.

Important places: Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malaka, Lankavi, Sbaa, Kelantan Darul Uloom, Selangor, Kedaa are the important places.

Suitable weather:  Malaysia’s weather is similar to that of India.

Visa: Just after few formalities, Indians can easily avail the visa if they have valid passport.

Bhutan: Indulge in its natural beauty

What can be a better way to spend time with your beloved other than enjoying the greenery of hills and mountains and the scenic beauty around? Bhutan offers you this and more. The tranquility of this place captivates your soul. Also if you are an adventure freak and want to go for high altitude tracking, this is the best place for you.

Important places: Pajaro Valley, Thimphu, Wangduephodrang and Bumthang Valley.

Suitable weather: From January to last week of June and September to December are the suitable months for visiting Bhutan.

Precautions: Bhutan is a tobacco free country. Neither can you keep tobacco with you over here and nor can you smoke here.


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