Kolkata: The hooch tragedy in West Bengal has yet again proved that that people can still stoop to the lowest level possible to earn a meager amount. Unfortunately, the startling issue shot in the limelight only after claiming 143 lives.

The Gocharan area of the state has virtually transformed into a valley of illegal and spurious liquor. The undisputed mafia who has been calling the shots in the illegal business is Noor Islam Fakir, popularly known as ‘Khoda Badshah.’  With no threat to his supremacy, Fakir supplies the illegal liquor to the entire belt.

If sources are to be believed then, the police of the concerned area are hand-in-hand with Fakir in the crime. Right under the nose of state police, Fakir carries out the crime with the help of his accomplices including Haru, Kalo, Feroz and Hakil.

In addition to Gocharan, Fakir has spread his racket to several other adjoining areas and villages like Baruipur, Sonarpur, Braisbridge, Baliganj, Behla and Khakurpur. The big pouch of the spurious liquor is available in the market at a throw away price of Rs 20 and small packet at Rs 10.

Owing to the high price of the branded liquor, the financially weak section of the society is more than often attracted towards the countrymade liquor. Consumption of countrymade liquor at times leads to death or acts like a slow poison.

Although Fakir’s name has featured in several cases, the police team is yet to nab him.

With the backing of several influential people, he has spread his coverage area.

On Wednesday, a tainted batch of bootleg liquor killed 143 people and dozens had to be rushed to the hospital in Mograhat of South 24 Parganas district.

JPN/ Bureau