"There is no such plan. We will have full term that to next October. We are going to complete the full term. There is no proposal to prepone the elections," Hooda said at a real estate conference.
Hooda was replying to a query about any plans to hold the Assembly election along with general election considering that the Chief Minister recently held a big rally at Gauhana near Rohtak.
Asked about huge traffic jam because of Delhi-Gurgaon toll plaza, Hooda acknowledged the problem faced by the commuters and said he also wants the toll to be be moved from there.
"I 100 percent agree with you. I am doing it but other agency...it is owned by NHAI. I am in touch, even I offered (that if) Haryana government has to pay something I am ready to pay. I am on the job. I also want to see toll out of Gurgaon," Hooda said.
On poor infrastructure in Gurgaon, Hooda said the problem is in old Gurgaon and the state government is taking steps to decongest that area. He informed that Rs 1,000 crore worth contract has been awarded recently to improve infrastructure facilities in Gurgaon.
On the impact of land acquisition law recently passed by the Parliament on realty sector, Hooda said the legislation would give economic value to land owners. "Developers may earn less but farmers would get their share".
Adressing the conclave, Amrapali Chairman and Managing Director Anil Sharma said the bill to regulate the realty sector, which has been introduced in Parliament, covers only developers and has left other stakeholders including government authorities.
The project cost increases by 20 per cent due to delay in approvals by multiple authorities, he added.
ATS group CMD Geetamber Anand said the real estate sector should be given infrastructure status so that developers can have access to the cheaper funds. He also demanded that RBI should ease the capital flow to the sector that can contribute immensely in the growth of country's GDP.


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