Talks of the government succumbing to pressure and bringing about economic reforms looks far from reality as no concrete steps are being taken by the Centre in this regard. On the contrary, lack of coordination among different government departments has stalled fourteen rail projects in the border areas. Moreover, 170 projects related to construction of roads of strategic importance remain in doldrums. With such vital issues in abyss it is hard to assume that the government would be serious in boosting social schemes. Surprisingly, power projects too have been put on the backburner. It is believed that delay in setting up of two power projects in Rajasthan will affect government’s efforts in achieving the target set for power production in the 12th five-year-plan. The UPA-II government is soon going to complete three years tenure but it has done little to mention its achievements.

Despite all the failures if the government speaks of its achievements, it would be nothing less than poking fun at the common man. The Prime Minister time and again has been refuting allegations of being indecisive but it is a bitter truth. Recently the Prime Minister had spoken of speeding up decision making process of his government but if his promises prove to be a failure it wouldn’t baffle many. Before the situation turns uglier for the Congress and people lose faith in it, the party has to break its silence and bring about some reforms. The indecisiveness of the government has adversely affected economic interests of the country abroad. Economic analysts along with top businessmen and rating agencies have indicated towards the stagnancy but the government wishes to look the other way.