Women, who use hormone replacement therapy (HRT), are at a 30 percent higher risk of developing brain tumours, a study has revealed.

The research, conducted by the Danish Cancer Research Centre, found that the longer a woman is on the treatment, the higher is the risk, a newspaper reported.

Those who used HRT for ten years or more had a 70 percent chance of getting a tumour.

The research, which explains why meningioma- the most common brain tumour -is found more frequently in women, also talks about why cases have risen in recent years.

According to the research centre, long-term HRT use, particularly of combined oestrogen -progestogen may increase the risk of meningioma.

Women with meningioma also have a higher risk of breast cancer.

It was found that about 85 percent of meningioma are benign but the tumours still cause symptoms including headaches, seizures, loss of balance and hearing loss.