Having been humiliated after preparing a list of most wanted fugitives containing horrendous errors, which was handed over to Pakistan, the claim of Union Home Ministry that it does not have any plan to source back the list from Islamabad seems meaningless. Though the Indian government may make tall claims in pretext to the goofed-up list, it is certain that Pakistan is not going to initiate any action in this regard. Therefore, one cannot rule out the possibility of Pakistani authorities throwing the fugitive list in the litter-box as Union Home ministry itself has given the opportunity to the neighbouring country to do so. Several alleged fugitives named in the list were found roaming in the country, therefore to term it as a callous mistake will be like casing a somber crime. The erroneous list has not only blown apart the possibilities of enforcing pressure on Pakistan, but also disgraced the country on an international arena. It is not precise if under the cover of fulfilling the formalities the lower authorities involved in preparing the list are being made the scapegoat in the entire episode. The people who have let down the country on an international level deserve severe punishment. Such people have made a major dent in country’s reputation which cannot be easily revamped. The lackadaisical approach of the concerned authorities to prepare the list of fugitives has exposed the hollow claims of the Union Government to counter terrorism. The incompetency of our machinery on internal security can be gauged from the fact that they are not even aware about the locations of most wanted fugitives, therefore how can one expect them to remain vigilant on any possible terrorist attack? The instructions which were given to Central Bureau of Intelligence, Information Bureau and National Investigation Agency to prepare a revised list of fugitives collectively meant a weak chain of the country’s internal security system. When the Central Agencies sans coordination, it cannot be expected to have their smooth coordination with state agencies making the system unviable.

A thrust should be given on the fact that the goofed-up list of most wanted fugitives handed over to Pakistan is not the sole example in isolation for India’s humiliation on the international scenario. In the manner, the CBI team arrived in a court of Denmark with an expired warrant has left India in a piquant position on the international platform.  Have the CBI officials become so careless that during a foreign trip they even forget the motive behind the visit? Therefore why should the common man not believe that the investigating agency only work on the directives and supervision of the judiciary? Is it not the right time when CBI should be made free of any government control? The UPA government in its second tenure is creating sorts of records for failures on all fronts, and it has emerged as an issue of major concern. If the government has lost the will power to govern the country, it means that the UPA is merely fulfilling the formalities by completing its tenure, resulting in gross anomalies on different levels.