Film: Horror Story
Director: Ayush Raina
Cast: Karan Kundra, Ravish Desai, Hasan Zaidi, Nishant Malkani, Nandini Vaidya, Sheetal Singh

Directed by Ayush Raina and produced by Vikram Bhatt, ‘Horror Story’ revolves around seven youngsters who challenge each other to spend a night at an infamous hotel which is known to be haunted.

Story line: While planning a farewell party at an abandoned and burnt hotel, seven friends decide to take the risk and spend a night in the hotel. However they soon learn that the place is said to be haunted by evil spirits and as the night goes on strange things begin to happen with them. What happens to the seven young friends at so unsafe place is what the Horror Story all about.

Stars speak

Nandini Vaid, who is making her Bollywood debut from this movie, says shooting for the Vikram Bhatt movie was an emotionally draining experience for her.

The actress says the film's genre required a "dark and dingy" feel. "It is quite challenging. It is a dark and dingy film. We were constantly shooting in the same environment. Bringing that fear factor to the table and doing the scenes everyday was emotionally draining. It was tough," Nandini said.

"It was a great learning experience as it is an unconventional film. The film is with one of the best names in the horror genre," she said.
Talking about his movies, newcomer Karan Kundra says, “Vikram Sir’s ‘Horror Story’ is a young film.”


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