New Delhi (JPN/Bureau): The newly launched consumer price index takes into consideration the money spent on food and drinks by villagers and money spent of house and services by urban dwellers. For the first time, house rent, education, health and entertainment have also found place in the new price index. Initial data points to six per cent retail inflation in January.

Under the new series, there are three separate indices - consumer price index (CPI) for rural, urban and combined (rural plus urban). It has five major segments viz – Food & drinks, Fuel & light, Clothing and bedding, House rent, Services & rest.

Government has for the first time included those heads which see consumers spending the most on. With changing patterns of lifestyle and food & drinking habits, the service sector has been given a place in the new index, with its share being 26.31 per cent. Accordingly, health and Information & communications have been included.

Household expenditures too have been given a place. Housing being a major issue in urban centers, people spend a major part of their incomes on either rents or purchase of houses on credit. This has, thus, been included in the price index with a 22 per cent share in urban
index and 9.77 per cent in the combined index.

While food and drinks had a 35 per cent sharein the consumer price index, in the newly formed index its share will be 49.71 per cent. Fuel and light too have been given more points given the increased expenditure under these heads.