1 PAN card serves as nationally accepted proof of identity as it carries your photograph, name and address.

2 Without a PAN card, you will be taxed at the highest rate possible. If you pay TDS (tax deducted at source), that cannot be counted without a PAN card, you may end up paying tax twice.

3 Cash payment of amount exceeding Rs 50,000 in foreign travel requires PAN card.  

4  The 10-digit number is unique to every PAN card holder. Your name and address may change, your card may get lost or stolen but the PAN will remain unchanged.

5  With a valid PAN card, you can easily venture into different financial transactions. You can obtain landline and cell phone connection and buy and sell property

6 If you are NRI, you can easily purchase property or do business in India with the help of your PAN card without filing tax returns.

8 A major advantage of PAN card is to file income tax returns which is essential development of the country.

9 If your hotel bills exceed above Rs 50,000 at one time, possessing PAN card will be mandatory. 

10 PAN card is mandatory to pay direct taxes such as corporation tax and income tax.

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