New Delhi: The gruesome gang rape incident of December 16, which charged the whole nation, has put a question mark on women’s safety in the national capital, Delhi. The police are under fire since then for its failure in ensuring safe environment for women.

Turning the heat on the Union Home Ministry, Delhi Chief Minister revived her previous demand of bring Delhi police under her government saying that she has not been unable to handle law and order situation as the police is under Union Home Ministry.   

Now the million-dollar question is- Will the law and order situation in the national capital improve if the police is brought under Delhi government.     

Even the Chief Minister also faced public ire for her government’s inability to induce a sense of safety among women in Delhi. In a TV interview, the Chief Minister asserted that her hands were tied.

“Unfortunately I do not have the police under me. Had the police been under Delhi government, I would have suspended a few policemen over the incident,” Dikshit said.

Basically, Chief Minister has always raised her decibel levels to demand for full statehood for Delhi so that her government could have control over functioning of the Delhi police. She had also staged a march from Rajghat to the Parliament with her demand for full statehood for Delhi.

Analysts question that how the Delhi government would be able to improve public safety of its people if the Centre itself, which is handling the law and order machinery of Delhi, has failed to control crime here.

It is important to know that Delhi government is not interested in bringing the entire capital’s police force under it.

Dikshit said that the police force should be brought under the ambit of Delhi government excluding the police stations falling VVIPs and diplomats regions.


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