To keep tab on weight and stay healthy most people go for cereals, honey, skimmed milk and diet drinks. But have you ever thought how healthy are your health foods?

We are advised to take foods that are good and healthy but ‘What is Healthy food?’ is still a debatable question. Today, many myths are associated with this term. Here senior dietician, Aarchie Bhattacharya clears all your myths and help you in finding your right food.

Skimmed Milk

Skimmed milk tops the list of healthy food myths. It’s not long since skimmed milk became popular worldwide. Diet conscious people say a big ‘no’ to full-creamed milk fearing of the high rate of fats present in it. But a study says, full-creamed milk is healthier than skimmed milk. Unlike skimmed milk which contains only 0.1 percent fat, full-cream contains 4 percent fat in every 100 ml. Fats are important for our body as it is a good absorbent of nutrients. Nutritional value is also very low in skimmed milk while full-cream milk contains soluble fat in it. Experts say that fat present in full-creamed milk has vitamin A, D, and E, which are important for your body.

Breakfast cereals

Cereal intake in breakfast has become common in people but they are healthy only when they are of good brand. We never check sugar content while buying cereals. Many times chocolate flavour and dry fruits are added to make them tastier. But they are rich in calorie content and hence not good for your body shape. Before buying cereals go through the label properly. It’s better to buy brown flakes and porridge as they are much healthy and less in calorie content.

Diet drinks

Diet drinks are popular among calorie conscious people, but it does not help you lose weight. Artificial sweeteners used in diet drinks fool your taste buds and due to low calorie intake you feel hungry. Resultantly, you eat a lot. This is the reason why people complain of weight gain even after consumption of diet drinks.

Brown bread

According to a research conducted by University of Scranton, brown colour in present in brown bread can also be achieved by caramel colour making it equivalent to white bread in terms of nutrition. Do check the label before buying. If packing is marked as ‘whole grain’ or ‘100 percent whole wheat’, it means bread is made of unrefined wheat (pure wheat) which includes more fiber, celenium, potassium and magnesium, which is good for your health. White bread and ceremalize brown bread can be consumed to increase fat or satisfy your appetite.

Courtesy: Sakhi (Illa Srivastava)