Waste No Food, a California based organisation, has started the campaign to feed the hungry with the support of mobile application.
Mobile app named ‘Waste No Food’ can be downloaded from Google Play.

If you wish to join the movement, Click here to download the Waste No Food app

The organisation makes a chain of donors, restaurants/local NGOs, and the needy people.
Is it viable?

The application is in practice in USA. All 50 states and the District of Columbia have in place a law, called the Good Samaritan Law. This protects all donors from liability and the organizations handling the food are responsible for all liability.

How do restaurants know that the charities donating are legitimate?
In order for an organization to participate in Waste No Food, the organization must be check for authenticity. Waste No Food assures donors that only legitimate charities can access the website to secure donations.

Is it possible in India?
It will surprise you but the app is already in practice in India. Few people have already joined the programme. No Food Waste has a mobile app of the same name that allows it to collect information on hunger spots in India. The app has already identified 80 such spots in Delhi and the National Capital Region.

Like No Food Waste, many social start-ups founded by young Indians are using technology to feed the poor. Feeding India is one such organisation that feeds 15,000 people in 25 Indian cities, including 2,500 in Delhi.

Ankit Kawatra, 24, built a similar application ‘Feeding India App’ that allows the user to fill in the quantity of food to be donated, the number of people it can feed, and the expected pick-up time. Greater Kailash, New Delhi based start up has a group of young and passionate individuals who want to be the agents of a social change. Starting with a small team of just 5 members in August 2014, Feeding India now has more than 1500 volunteers. At present, they are working in more than 20 cities in India.


Feeding India has 450 volunteers in Delhi who pick up and deliver food across 12 zones in the Capital.  Whenever they get a request, the pick-up is assigned to the nearest volunteer. Every zone tries to feed people within 5km radius. Most of these start-ups deliver to orphanages, old age homes, shelters, and so on.

As every item has a different shelf life they do a strict quality check and ensure the food collected is delivered within 90 minutes to the needy.

Click here to down load Feeding India App
Such organizations often face financial crunch, so does Feeding India. It sets a target to feed 1000 plus people every day. The organization plans to purchase Mahindra Bolero Refrigerated Truck (Magic Truck) worth Rs. 6,50,000 to run 24x7, 365 days service. As of now they have raised Rs 2 lakhs. By procuring the refrigerated truck, Feeding India will be able to setup a long-term model which will guarantee more than 30,000 meals served each month.

Written by Raju Kumar/JPN

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