Expert says that back-to-school -inspired braids are ideal for this time of year.

At the autumn-winter 2014 shows, brands including Chanel, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana all scored top marks with their take on beautiful braids, whilst Hollywood celebrities including Diane Kruger, Kate Bosworth, Laura Bailey and more have showed us how to pull off a plait on the red carpet.

Stylist Daniel Hersheson and London Fashion Week backstage regular, Jordan Garrett, give a step-by-step lesson to create the best of the best braids.

If you also want to try them, follow the tips:

* The pigtail fishtail: Make sure your hair isn’t super clean, a day or two old is perfect, and use dry shampoo on the roots so they are not flat to the scalp. Using your fingers, create a middle parting through to the nape of the neck for two even sections.

Take the first section and split into two smaller sections. Take small pieces from the outside of each section and fold over the other half. The smaller the outside piece, the better the fish tail will look. Repeat on the other side and tie each braid with a snagless band.

* The undone side braid: Choose which side you want to wear your braid and, angling into the crown, gather the hair to one side using your fingers. Take the three sections and braid backwards all the way down, tying with a band at the end.

Stretch out the tied plait with your fingers making it look thicker and pull out pieces to create imperfections that will really add to the finished look.

* The carlam: Create a middle parting and start the braid from the back of the head. Carefully braid around like a halo until you meet the start of the plait. Hold in place using a pin. Pull bits out to give a messy, undone finish.

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