Tania Grier has worked with models and celebrities including Abbey Clancy, Suki Waterhouse, Laura Bailey and Daisy Lowe and shares tips on achieving model perfect skin at home.

“Luminous, clear skin is an essential base for any make-up look so I always tell my clients to invest in an appropriate skincare routine. You don’t need to over complicate things, just find a couple of staple products which cleanse and protect the skin,” said Grier.

Start with deep cleansing.

“When working with models on shoots or catwalks, I always start by doing a deep cleanse. With as many as three shows per day during fashion week, the make-up gets quickly scrubbed off for the next show and applied again and again.”

“I always suggest using a product which exfoliates, reducing the build-up of dead skin cells, which can leave the skin looking dull and prone to outbreaks,” she said.

Protect skin from sun.

“It is important to protect the skin. Sun damage is the main cause of skin ageing and it takes time and a lot of layers to conceal the signs of UV damage, which is why I always preach prevention,” she said.

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