London: Some of the most common words used in email conversations among employees engaged in corporate fraud have been revealed.

Investigators working with the FBI revealed that 'cover up', 'write off'', 'illegal', and ''failed investment'' were used most often by employees carrying out rogue trading and fraud.

Researchers at Ernst & Young’s Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services said that fraud is more often found when there is a combination of opportunity, rationalisation and pressure, according to

According to a daily, investigators also discovered that suspicious terms such as ''nobody will find out'', ''grey area'' and ''they owe it to me'' were also among the most used phrases. ''Special fees'' and ''friendly payments'' were regularly used in bribery cases and phrases such as ''do not volunteer information'' revealed the concern at getting caught out.

According to the paper, Rashmi Joshi, director of the company's Fraud Investigation and Disputes Services, said the research and new technology can help businesses identify rogue trader behaviour earlier. Joshi told that analysis of language and statistics can help ''identify rogue trader behaviour'' in a cost effective way, as well other fraud, abuse and employee misconduct.


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