A healthy eyesight is typically based on one's lifestyle and it is always good to prevent eye diseases than curing them later.

Here are some better ways to improve your eyesight the natural way:

1. The right nutrition: 'What we eat is what we are' is true in the case of human body. Human eyes need good minerals and essential vitamins like A, C and E for their proper functioning. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and reduce sugar and fatty food to keep your eyes healthy for a long run.


2. Eyes need rest: Although eyes are the only part of human body that can work non-stop but they too need rest. Those who sit for long hours in front of computers must take breaks frequently and look away from screens at least for 10 minutes. Technically, it is your eye-lids that need rest.


3. Eye exercises: Doctors recommend eye exercises for better vision. Rolling your eyes relaxes them a lot. Massaging temples, forehead and area below your eyes helps a lot to reduce stress on eyes.


4. Adequate sleep: A human being is supposed to have a proper sleep of 6-8 hours daily for rejuvination of eyes. Sleeping patterns affect your eye health, hence a sound sleep is neccessary.


5. Water: Drinking plenty of water is not only good for eyes but also for the whole human body. Splashing water on your eyes keeps the moisture and cleanses dust from eyes all day long.

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