Here are some top tips to help get you through:

Preparation: As the big day approaches, use a cold and flu prevention product that can be worn under make-up and catch and block airborne viruses from entering your nasal passages, preventing illness.

Use disposable tissues:
Always use disposable tissues, and not a fabric handkerchief which can harbour germs as the eyes are a magnet for germs.

Wear gloves:
Cold viruses can lie on the hands for up to an hour, so shaking hands with guests is an ideal way for them to transfer. Invest in some stylish gloves, which can be removed at the evening party once everyone has exchanged handshakes and congratulations.

Beauty sleep:
Pre-wedding nerves can be because for a sleepless night before the big day, however sleep is the key of giving your body the rest and rejuvenation it needs. Make sure that your pre-wedding plans don't drag far into the eve before your wedding day.

Stay warm and cozy:
If you are having photographs outside, then invest in a wrap or jacket to take with you.

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