Pouch your phone: If it's necessary for you to carry your phone to the holi bash you can ziplock it  in a plastic pouch which will avoid colour and water splash on your handset. It is the most affordable way to keep your phone safe from getting drenched while you rejoice in bright colours.

Waterproof accessories: One smart way of giving your smartphone a safe covering is to shield it with waterproof mobile cases and sleeves which can be easily found on a mobile accessory store or can be shopped online. These cases restrict water from getting inside the ports of the phone without any hassle. Once you put them on your phone you ill good to go! These gadgets  are available in the market for as low as Rs 200.  

Forget the phone while you party:
What would be the best way by which you will get rid of the problem? Leave your phone at home or in your car if you don't fear nomophobia. But then it seems impossible, one has to catch up with a lot of friends on the festive eve. Only by this means one can ensure complete safety for their water sensitive device.

Use an old sturdy one: If you have an expensive smartphone and you cannot afford to lose it, we advise you to replace it for a day with your old device so that any mishap doesn't happen. One can take a backup of all the contacts and transfer the important data into the other phone, preferably an old sturdy candy-phone, and use it for the occasion.

A hair dryer cannot treat your wet phone: So now that you have made a mistake by being careless towards your phone while playing holi, don't try this stupid hair dryer hack. While it is true that it will dry your phone but the inner components of your phone can be burned too.

Put screenguard and try to conceal:
If you don't get a zip pouch or other waterproof accessories, you can get your phone guarded by getting the rear and front surface area of your phone with a help of a screenguard. It will help protecting your phone's surface area from getting scratches, although it will not protect the micro USB port, speaker grill and headphone jack, but you can try concealing these areas with a tape so that the water doesn't gets on the innards. As they say, Something is better than nothing!

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