Their rhythm on the ramp makes others groove. Stylish dresses look great on them. They are in demand amongst the fashion designers. If you think you too have these qualities and your personality speaks volumes, you should try modelling as a career.

In this modern world youths are getting inclined towards carving a career in modelling. With the market of fashion and advertisement industry growing by leaps and bounds, the demand of models has become very high. Modelling, considered as one of the fastest growing industries, provides you ample opportunity to progress in your life. A career in modeling is not only thrilling but also gives you an opportunity to earn money and fame. People have a notion that modelling can be a career option only for girls. But now-a-days males are also doing well in this field along with female models.

Glamour world

Modelling is a glamorous career which gives you scope to travel across the world and meet new people. A model has to promote different products of various companies and walk the ramp to flaunt outfits created by famous designers. Though modelling is considered as a glamorous and thrilling career, it is full of challenges. To be successful in this career and increase your demand, you have to do a lot of hard work. Considering the cut-throat competition in this field, you need to have lots of patience and stamina.


If you have an attractive personality and are capable to present yourself in front of the world then certainly modelling is your career. Apart from this you need to have a good height. To be a model, females should be at least 5 feet 7 inches tall or more and a male model must be at least 6 feet tall. A well built glamorous physique and a photogenic face are  must for a model. You are also required to know the skills of walking the ramp, acting and the confidence to face camera. There is no minimum qualification required in this field but if you are a graduate you will have an added advantage as far as communicating with others is concerned.


The most important thing before entering modelling world is to have a portfolio of your photographs. For a good portfolio you need to get your pictures clicked by a professional fashion photographer. You can show your portfolio to advertising agencies, model coordinators or fashion designers.


There are various forms of modelling such as television modelling, print modelling, showroom modelling, ramp modelling.

Television model: In television modelling you need to give poses in front of movie camera and these are used in television commercials, cinemas, videos and internet.

Print modelling: Still photographers click photos of models. These photos are used in newspapers, brochures, magazines catalogue calendar.

Showroom modelling: Showroom model poses in front of exporters, garment manufacturers, big retailers to display latest designs.

Ramp modelling: Models display garments and accessories in front of spectators. Ramp model needs to know how to stand, walk and should have an attractive body language.

Courtesy: Delhi Desire