London: Search is on, yet haven’t encountered with your Mr Right. For that, you need to count the number of men you have kissed till date. If you have kissed 22 men already, then your Mr Right is just round the corner waiting for you.

A study has revealed that average woman will kiss 22 men, have four long-term relationships and get her heart broken five times before meeting her Mr right.

The path to true love will also see her endure six bad dates, have six one-night stands and be cheated on four times before finding her perfect match.

One-in-five even say they have a child with someone else before finding their soulmate and most have lived with two men before they meet Mr Perfect.

The average man will make slightly more of his single days, kissing 23 girls and having 10 one-night stands before getting round to settling down.

Alarmingly, 15 percent of women also said they had ended up with a stalker after a bad date or relationship.

The good news from this survey was that most of the people surveyed reckoned that they had found 'the one' before they were 30 - so it's not all despair, according to the survey.