Mumbai: Cover yourself in a shawl, put some other name on your vanity van, surround yourself with an entourage of guards and keep crew members down to a minimum during the shoot. Akshay Kumar is currently shooting a mental asylum sequence in Shirish Kunder's next Joker starring Sonakshi Sinha.

The actor sports an interesting look in this particular scene and is pulling out all stops to safeguard it.

A source from the UTV film reveals, "Akshay Kumar has a very different look in this particular sequence and it is meant to be a surprise in the film. The name on Akshay Kumar's vanity van on the sets of Jokeris Agastya, which is his character's name in the film.Due to rise in paparazzi, it has become very difficult to keep anything under wraps, so Akshay is taking extra care to safeguard his new look.”

He adds, “He has put his character's name Agastya, instead of his real name, on the van to misguide people. Also, his van is placed just next to the gate of the shooting area so he can immediately get inside without anyone catching hold of his look.” Add to that, he has stationed three men outside his van to keep strangers and non-crew people at bay."

Apparently, not many from the crew know what Akki's look in this sequence is.

"Shirish has ensured only a few people are present during the shoot. Very few people who are present in the studio have seen his look. Whenever he goes from the van to the studio, he covers himself with a shawl and is also surrounded by his entourage," says the source.

Getting repetitive Akshay Kumar's had the same name Agastya Rao in Shirish Kunder's directorial debut Jaan-E-Mann. We wonder if it's the lack of ingenuity or some kind of superstition to repeat the same name. Given that it's Bollywood, we're guessing it's more likely the latter!