Be it for a beach date or game-time with your buds, this checklist from the guide will ensure that body odour is at bay, and your confidence, sky-high.

On a beach date

So, you're in the middle of a candle-light dinner date by the sea with a glass of champagne. Suddenly, as a strong breeze blows, you can smell something more than romance in the air and that, dear mate, could be your body odour.

For him: Try exotic aqua-based fragrances with hints of mint, green pepper and musk that lasts longer.

For her: Opt for breezy fragrances with notes of lavender, pear, peonies, etc.

Dance night with girlies

If you're single and painting the town red with your gal pals, make sure you've sprayed on the right fragrance. With studies proving a strong connection between sexual attraction and scent, your perfume can actually act as your wingman and help you seduce that cute guy at the bar.

For her: Go for warm and earthy oriental-floral fragrances with musk and amber as the base notes.

Footie with friends

Game-time means tons of testosterone, and with it, the bane of body odour. Worse, if you are playing a match, and your partner is cheering from the stands. While many women might find sweaty men sexy, guys need to be aware if it gets out of hand.

For him: Choose scents with strong woody notes like cedar, nutmeg, cypress and musk.

At a family dinner

While you might pay attention to every detail before stepping out with friends, it is equally important to be well-turned out for a family soiree. After all, family is where your rep is at stake. You wouldn't want Sharma aunty telling a distant relative about a rag sitting next to her at the dinner table, would you?

For him: Use a classic masculine scent that is spicy and aromatic like coffee berry, redwood and sage.

For her: Opt for citrusy-floral notes like orange, grapefruit, hyacinth and rose.


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