The best outfit for a day adds freshness and pro-activeness to your office schedule. Let’s make the best of it. Choose glamorous outfits to keep boredom at bay:

Style your hair like a pro:

Let's be honest, we can't afford to invest much time to style our bangs if we don't want to be late. The most easy thing to do with your bang is inside-out ponytail. It's not as complicated as it looks. We can also try to add some pretty barrettes or weave in little braids. But if you can't even weave a braid properly. Then elegant high bun offers the benefits of wearing your hair amazingly high while keeping it out of your face.


Abide by no-noise accessory

Try to tailor your look to what your workplace accepts and understands. Always abide by the no-noise accessory rule if you don't want your boss to shove you into the the black hole of fashion. In case your accessory is distracting.

Surely, it has no place in the office. Take a cue from your co-workers to accessorize accordingly. But, Don't forget letting your unique personality show through. Wear your signature watch or try dainty necklaces or rings. The minor accessory will do wonders for you at your office.


Keep your footwears classic:

Usually we don’t really care much when it comes to footwears. We’re all a bit more style relaxed and take our feet less seriously. We love a classic and round-the-clock comfortable footwears and nothing serves us better than the timeless loafer. It's the best chic alternative to ballet pumps. As for heels, it's true that heels go with everything, but if you can't quite cope with heels all day then block heels are everywhere at the moment without compromising your comfort level.



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