With the trial of Delhi government's odd-even scheme starting from January 1, the daily commutation to work has become a major concern for the people. Here, we enlist all the possible commutations tariffs and methods you can adopt during travelling.

The cab tariffs!
Many cab operators have rolled out car pooling tariffs for easy conveyance that wouldn't even cost your pocket much.

OLA Cabs: While offering the ride sharing feature to its commuters, OLA will offer approximately 50 percent discount to its passengers.

Uber Cabs: Uber has gone a step ahead with allowing the private car owners to offer rides to passengers. Fares for the shared passengers will be 10-30 percent less.

Meru Cabs: The cab provider has launched the app to support Delhi in curbing pollution. The 'ride-share' option of meru cabs, provides 30 percent discount on the estimated trip to the commuters, where they can share their journey with the co-passengers.

Private car-pooling options:
Well in case you cannot travel through cabs, the carpooling website 'odd-even.com' by 13-year-old Akshat Mittal can help you pool a car as per your preferences of age, gender and location.

If one is not comfortable in travelling with the strangers, car-pooling with neighbours or the colleagues from the neighbourhood will be a good option. This probably can be an easy way of travelling as there wouldn't be any stranger around to make things weird.

Exchange your car:
There are many people who own more than one car. They are looking forward to exchange their cars in order to have their own ride. For example, if your cars have odd numbers, you can exchange one with your friend having an even numbered car.

If you do not find any of these options feasible, then get ready to travel in DTC buses, Delhi Metro and autos.

And in case you are still not clear about the rules of odd-even scheme, Shuttl has launched a platform 'oddevenbyshuttl.com' so that you do not have to shell out extra bucks in the name of 'Challan'. Shuttl is a bus aggregating platform offering shuttle bus service to its commuters in cities like Noida and Gurgaon.

Vasavi Dhir/JPN

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