Here are some tips on how to use the new WhatsApp voice-calling feature:

1. An Android user of WhatsApp needs to wait for getting a private invitation on his or her app.

2. Mostly, WhatsApp users with version 2.11.528 (from Play Store) or 2.11.531 (from website) are reportedly getting invites for the feature

3. Once getting the add-on voice calling feature, you can pass the invitation to your friends, suggests WhatsApp

4. You need to make a call through WhatsApp to send an invitation to friends for unlocking the voice-calling feature

5. Update the current version of your WhatsApp, you may get the invite sooner

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With this add-on feature, WhatsApp is set to add another edge to its user base in India. There are around 70 million active monthly users of WhatsApp as of now.