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How to write self appraisal

Self appraisal is a very familiar and common term for us. But for a better understanding let’s revise the definition of self appraisal once again. Self appraisal is an important part of performance appraisal process where the employee himself gives feedback or his views about his performance.

Usually this is done with the help of a self appraisal form where the employee rates himself on various parameters, tells about his training needs, if any, and talks about his accomplishments, strengths, weaknesses, problems faced etc.

It’s very easy to comment or analyse other’s performance whereas it is equally tough to judge own work.

There are reasons behind this. If we do not praise our performance then it will create an obstacle to get a promotion as well as get a hike in our salary. But patting our own back for accomplishment is also equally awkward.

Human Resource manager of Tata Steel Urmila Ekka says, “The process of self appraisal is really tough. It’s like riding on a thin line. So, proper balancing is very necessary.” In an exclusive chat with Sakhi she gives some important tips on how to make a balanced self appraisal.


Be honest

Always be truthful and honest while listing your accomplishments or failures. Do not exaggerate your strengths and do not hide your weaknesses. If you have achieved something with the help of your team then do not try to take the credit all by yourself. Remember, not only you but also your teammates equally contributed their efforts in accomplishing the work. So, when you are making self appraisal do not overlook the team work.

According to Urmila, “Do not take unnecessary credit and do not feel shy in admitting your loopholes.”

Do not mention personal judgments for anybody in your appraisal form. Try to concentrate on yourself.

Do the preparation

It is always better to prepare yourself before the meeting. If you know when the appraisal meeting will take place then gear yourself up for the occasion. Get all the lists in place. Prepare all the evidences and references before the meeting.

Be objective

Objectivity is important in self appraisal. Do not exaggerate or downplay your achievements or failures. Be specific and concise in your statements. Try to convey your message in meaningful and concise manner.

Positive attitude

Self appraisal is a very important process so be careful as your every word is going to be registered in a file. Maintain a positive attitude towards the whole appraisal process. Do not hesitate in mentioning your fault as well as your achievements. Demonstrate enthusiasm and positive attitude to improve in future. Do not show negative attitude to anyone.

Show future prospect

Apart from your strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments and failures, express what you would like to do for the betterment of your organisation. Try to tell how you can utilise your capability for the growth of your company. Suggest ways to overcome the problems faced. Mention your long-term and short-term goals. Assess your capabilities, behaviours, skills and competence.

Every company wants to hire or praise multitasking people .So try to enhance your skill and competence. To prove importance and capability, self appraisal is the best possible way.


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