For celebs who desperately want to hog limelight, in the era of digital world, Twitter came to their rescue like a king to the peasant. From their thoughtless opinions on politics to their personal life, they never spare an opportunity to make prime time headlines.

But, some champions know how to trend and troll. We are giving the space to those controversial tweets who were criticized or trolled by ‘twitterati.’

Anupam Kher’s Pest Control Remark
Anupam Kher never fails to manage lots of responses on Twitter. His pro-BJP stance came to a limelight with his tweets on intolerance. But, the tweet in which he compared the masses with cockroaches, insects and BJP with the pest controller was criticized by many journalists. This tweet also triggered the row of trolls by many twitterati.

Rishi Kapoor On Gandhi’s Assets
Rishi Kapoor tweets hog the limelight more than his famous movies. From his beef remark, comparing Kim with mesh of onions to ‘Baap ka Maal’ comment on Gandhi’s assets had gala time on twitter.


Some people love his tweets, some troll but his tweets can never be ignored. He also served the platter of giggles with his funniest tweet of drawing comparison of Radhee Maa with Bappi  Lehri.

KRK’s Remark On Sohail And Arbaaz
KRK is known for his lewd comments on twitter and his more absurd reviews of bollywood movies. His only source to get noticed is through twitter. Though there are countless numbers of tweets that backlashed him but with his recent tweet on Sohail and Arbaaz Khan, he surged the chances of getting threatened by Dabangg of Bollywood himself.

Abhijeet’s Besharam Budhiya Remark

Some people get into trouble by mistake. But, our bollywood has some celebs who love to attract troubles. The vocalist, Abhijeet is one among them. Recently, he dubbed a journalist as ‘Budhiya’ and this remark on twitter lands him directly behind the bars. Hope, Abhijeet will be more attentive from next time onwards.




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