Earlier also, there were indications that HP would re-enter the smartphone market. And as per the latest buzz, HP would make its foray into the smartphone market with large-screen smartphones.

Reportedly, the to-be-launched phablets would cost between USD 200 and 250 without a contract. These smartphones would most likely run on Android just like the recent Slate-series of tablets from HP.

According to media reports, HP had attempted to make a hold in the smartphone market after acquiring Palm in 2010, but the WebOS-based devices failed to catch on with consumers and eventually, the company decided to pull the plug on its new tablet and smartphones in 2011.

What is to be noted is the fact that India, China and Philippines markets are already full with similar phones in home-grown smartphones vendors and Chinese OEMs, which offer great specifications at affordable prices. The only positive aspect with HP is that it is a relatively known brand name, which might lead to consumers to buy its phone over the unknown Chinese makers.