The previous highest ever generation of 721.54 LU in a single day was achieved by HPGCL on September 13, 2013, Principal Secretary (Power) Devender Singh said on Wednesday in Punjab.

Congratulating the HPGCL employees for this achievement, he said that the record has been broken despite the fact that the HPGCL Units were operating on reduced load due to system requirements, ‘which is known as backing down’.

“Had there been no backing down, HPGCL would have generated at least eight lakh more units of electricity on the same day (Tuesday),” he said.

Singh informed that the HPGCL has embarked on a mission to improve the efficiency of its thermal power stations and to bring down the cost of generation.

He further said that Managing Director of HPGCL M K V Rama Rao has launched a slew of efficiency improvement cum cost reduction measures at the power stations.

“As result of these measures the HPGCL has been able to improve the efficiency of its thermal generating units. The station heat rate, which is an indicator of efficiency with which a power plant is operated, has come down to 2,423 kilo calories per unit which is the best ever achieved by HPGCL since its formation. HPGCL was incorporated as a company on March 17, 1997. The coal consumption per unit of electricity generated has been brought down to 681 gram per unit, which is also the lowest ever," he said.

Devender Singh also stated that it would be the endeavor of HPGCL to improve the reliability and efficiency of its power stations and to generate maximum power to enable the state to tide over the prevailing drought-like condition due to scanty monsoon rains. 

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