New Delhi: The inter-departmental problems in the functioning of the government could be gauged from the fact that the Prime Minister had to intervene to get grant to National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions (NCMEI) released from the Union Human Resources Development Ministry.

The HRD Ministry sanctioned the grant, which was pending for the last two months, to the NCMEI after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh intervened in the matter.

NCMEI is a “quasi-judicial” commission which is bestowed with the powers and responsibilities of a Civil Court. The commission grants affiliation to minority educational bodies.

NCMEI also has powers to suggest and recommend the Central government or the state government on issues related to minority education or deprivation of the rights of the minorities in matters pertaining to education.

For the first time in seven years, the HRD Ministry has delayed the financial assistance to the NCMEI for the second quarter (July-September). This delayed the payment of salaries to their employees.

As all efforts went in vain, NCMEI Chairman Justice (Retired) MSA Siddiqui on Monday knocked the door of the PM.
Siddiqui apprised the PM of the bottleneck being faced by the NCMEI.

After the PM’s invention, the Ministry released the money on the same day the meeting was held.