Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan goes all out for his look in the upcoming Agneepath remake. From beefing up to 12 kilos more (all muscle) to buying gym equipment worth lakhs. Looks like the effort is worth it, no?

Hrithik Roshan will pile on 12 kilos for his role in Karan Johar's Agneepath. The actor got flabby for Guzaarish as well (and shed the kilos soon after), the difference this time around is that he is building only muscle mass.

Roshan Junior  has been working out three hours daily with trainer Satyajit Chourasia despite a hectic schedule. He has also bought gym equipment worth lakhs for his newly renovated gym at his Juhu home.


Satya says, "Hrithik wants to look bigger and heavier than he normally does. He expanded his earlier gym last month to include eight new work-out machines which include chest and leg presses, rowing machines and a cable crossover machine which is like a small gym in itself and includes all body exercises. He used to be 70 kg and has now gained eight kilos. We are now aiming for 84 kg."

Not the same thing

Satya explains that putting on weight doesn't mean putting on flab. "Hrithik is working on building lean muscle mass like Aamir did in Ghajini. For this kind of bodybuilding you need a very different and rigorous training schedule with proper sleep, correct nutrition, knowledge, motivation and dedication. Hrithik has it all. And he never misses out on his workouts. And like Aamir, he is focused, committed and a professional" says Satya.

Regular changes

Satya says that Hrithik's exercises are changed regularly. "We improve and bring variations in exercises for faster results. Specific exercises and circuit training are given for specific body parts. Hrithik does a lot of functional training, freehand exercises using body weight like gymnasts and also yoga for flexibility. I have worked with Hrithik since Lakshya. This is the first time I have seen him so bulked up after having a lean and sharp physique."

Hrithik's diet includes

> Bowls of green salads with fish or chicken breast pieces

>Low carbs at night

>Egg whites

>Brown bread

> Fruit platters

> Peanut butter sandwiches

> Protein shakes

>Snacks every three hours including Caesar's salads with broccoli and chicken

>Food with less oil and no sugar