Phoolka said, he even contemplated to quit from the party, but was persuaded by Arvind Kejriwal to continue.

He alleged that Yadav saw him as a threat in the party as far as Punjab was concerned and did not allow him to speak to the press or canvass for the party during the last Lok Sabha polls.

"I had almost decided to quit the party before Lok Sabha elections in February 2014, because Yogendra Yadav had directed me not to go to Punjab and not to speak to the press. For over a month I was made to sit idle. I think Yadav wanted total control over the party in Punjab and envisaged me as a threat.

"I sent SMS to Kejriwal that I am disillusioned. Kejriwal persuaded me to continue. When Sanjay Singh announced my ticket from Ludhiana, Yogendra Yadav was furious. Yadav constituted a campaign committee for Punjab, most of whom worked against me during elections to ensure that I do not win," Phoolka said on his post on Facebook.

He also demanded the issue to be raised at the National Executive tomorrow.

"But now it is necessary that National Executive should ask Yogendra Yadav to explain why I was stopped from canvassing in Punjab," Phoolka said.

He said that from January to February 2014 there was no major party activity in the state and crucial time was wasted.

"I had known Yogendra Yadav since long and had good cordial relations with him. There were never any differences between us So I was shocked when he did this to me. He wanted his control even at the cost of party's interest.

"From mid January to mid February 2014 there was no major party activity in Punjab and this crucial month before elections was wasted," Phoolka said.

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