"I wonder how could the files pertaining to 2007 allegation be in the office of present Chief Minister. The CBI is being dictated by someone", Phoolka, who is associated with AAP, said.
He maintained that the CBI had no business to enter the Chief Minister's office. Phoolka also said that the agency's denials that it had not entered the Chief Minister's office was a 'mere eyewash'.

"All the files of the Chief Minister are always lying on the table of the Principal Secretary. So now the CBI needs to answer what were they looking for.
"How can files of alleged 2007 scams related to education, electricity and others be lying in the office of the present Chief Minister. Whom is the CBI trying to fool?
"The answer is straight that Kumar is mere a scape goat and target is someone else. Its a politically motivated case," Phoolka said.
The lawyer, who was accompanying the wife of Kumar, an IAS officer of 1989 batch, was waiting at the CBI headquarters for a meeting with his client.
"We have been told that he will be released soon. After that we will chalk out the future strategy which includes taking a legal recourse," he said.
"We will first see what action CBI will take and accordingly we will make a strategy and act", he added.

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