"You will never lose you HTC phone if you have Fetch. This can be paired (connected wirelessly) with any HTC One series phone. As soon as an HTC One owner walks 10 meters beyond the phone, both device and phone will start ringing. An e-mail will immediately go on his mail showing location of the phone on Google Maps," HTC India's Country Head Faisal Siddiqui said.

The company introduced the tracker on Friday along with the HTC One Max, which has a maximum retail price of Rs 61,490. The new phone is offered by some retailers at Rs
56,490 and customers will have to pay an additional Rs 2,500 for Fetch.

Siddiqui said HTC Fetch uses the Global Positioning System (GPS), Assisted GPS and mobile-tower triangulation technology to detect a phone's location. He said it will be difficult to steal an HTC One Max that is paired with Fetch because the phone has a finger scanner and will open only after recognizing the owner's fingerprint.

"A thief will not be able unpair Fetch from HTC One Max as his fingerprint will not match. This will not allow him to change any setting in the phone," he said.