HTC has posted the source code for the update to its HTCDev site, making it more convenient for its users to keep their phone up-to-date. The update only requires a Wi-FI connecting and a decently charged battery.

The 305MB update is now available over the air and users are also provided with an option to download it manually. The users, who updated their phones, have reported spectacular improvement in device’s performance and sound completely satisfied with KitKat.

HTC One Google Play edition version of KitKat doesn't include additional feature like a Google Now page to the home screen which is there in Android 4.4 update for Motorola's Moto X. This update for old HTC One users will likely be out by January 2014 in United States.

Samrtphone major Samsung is expected to do the same soon for its Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition device very soon. Though, there is no official confirmation yet.