Firozepur: The liking for Indian chilies and tyres has witnessed a sudden spurt in Pakistan. The quantity of both the products being exported has increased manifold within a month as compared to Pakistan’s earlier demand.

The Indian Railways as well as the traders have been smiling on the increased trend, which is expected to continue in the coming period too.

According to the information, the export consignment of chilies and tyres was of a regular size but the demand shot up immediately last month. The number of wagons in the goods trains headed for Pakistan carrying chilies and tyres have increased in number. This has proved the increased liking for the Indian products in the country.

Rail Divisional Senior Operating Manager Brajesh Dharmani said, “I am myself surprised by the sudden hike in Pakistan’s demand for Indian tyres and chilies. Earlier, the racks also carried other goods in equal amount but now the wagons are completely laden with chilies and tyres and the number of wagons has also increased.”

Notably, out of all the material being exported to Pakistan, more than 25 wagons of tyres and equal number of wagons containing chilies have been deported to the neighbouring country.