New Delhi: With the participation of 26 countries and thousands of people pouring in every day, the India International Trade Fair (IITF) has become a talk of the day. But as far as its management is concerned, the trade fair has cut a sorry figure.

The information centers are not functioning well, so the visitors find themselves in the lurch as they are not able to get right idea about the particular stalls.

The IITF on its first day itself, Saturday, witnessed a huge chaos, and poor management was noticed everywhere.

Girija, a visitor from Rohini, said, “I have been struggling to get Hall-18 for the past one hour, but no one is assisting me to give the correct information to reach the destination.”

 “Everything here is in topsy turvy. The information centers are not giving right direction to reach the particular stall. I wanted to go the Thailand pavilion but reached Pakistan stall. As the international stalls are placed far from each other, it becomes really difficult going back again,” said Anjali, another visitor from Gol market.

 “When we seek information to reach an outlet, they give us a map and charge Rs 10 for it. But nothing is clearly mentioned in the map,” a city bloke said.

(JPN/ Bureau)