Volkswagen Passat sold only 235 units on the current financial year. The car is powered by a 2.0 liter diesel engine and comes at a starting price of Rs 26 lakhs. The price of top model of this vehicle touches Rs 32 lakhs.

The demand of Passat in India was so poor that the company sold not even a single unit of the Passat in last two months. According to sources, Volkswagen is out of stocks of Passat and even the dealer inventory is cleared out too.

Though, the company is planning a spectacular comeback of this car but not too soon. The new variant of Passat is expected to be unveiled in 2015 and Volkswagen may consider launching it in India.

Earlier, Japanese carmaker Honda discontinued the production of its flagship sedan Accord in the country. This decision was taken keeping in mind weak demand and dwindling sales, as per a company official.

As per market reports, Honda managed to sell only 272 units of the sedan in India in the past eight months. The company has not been able to maintain its pace in the bigger cars segment of late keeping in mind the fierce competition that it is facing from other carmakers.