London: Playboy founder Hugh Hefner says he loves to spend his evenings watching films and playing cards.

Hefner, 85, who is dating 28-year-old and Shera Bechard and Anna Sophia Berglund, 24, said he prefers to keep himself busy with movie nights and board games, a website reported.

"Monday night I watch an old movie with the guys, Tuesday night I play games with my girlfriends and the girls from the Playmate House - usually dominoes or Uno. Wednesday I play Gin Rummie with the guys.

"Thursdays I go out for dinner with the girls, and weekends we have friends over for something to eat and a movie. Friday and Saturday are classic movies and Sunday is a new film," he said.

Hefner, who is known for having multiple girlfriends, has reportedly put his wild past behind him.

"Yes there's physical attraction, and physical encounters. Back in the day, you hear stories, but Hef has calmed down a lot!," Bechard said.