“The crying need of the day is to harness the youth dividend, which the nation possesses in abundance,” he said while addressing the first convocation of the NIT at Yupia, near here.

He said that the delivery of higher education in the institutes of the country cannot be allowed to continue in a routine fashion any longer.
The administrators and academicians must introduce innovative changes in the institutions.

The governor emphasised that NIT has the responsibility to shape the students, ensuring them to be amongst the best.
He said there was a need to produce engineers, who will create jobs rather than running after jobs.     

Underscoring that knowledge and innovation strengthen progress and prosperity, Sharma said that NIT and such like institutions have to also apply their scientific temperament to take their innovations in these areas from labs to the field for practical application.

Expressing gratitude to President Pranab Mukherjee, he said, Mukherjee’s presence in the state means a lot to the people.
“It is a boost to the scientific community of the state and people look forward to his continued patronage to the land of the rising sun and its people,” he added.

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