The October 3 air raid on a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital in the Taliban-held northern city of Kunduz killed at least 30 people, sparked an avalanche of global condemnation and forced the French charity to close the hospital.
Two military officials said yesterday that a combination of human and technical errors meant that a Special Operations AC-130 gunship aircraft hit the hospital instead of an Afghan intelligence compound hundreds of feet away that was thought to have been commandeered by Taliban fighters.
The gunship's crew relied on location information relayed to them by US and Afghan special forces rather than their aircraft's instruments, according to the officials, who discussed the report on condition of anonymity ahead of its formal release.
The US military offered a series of shifting explanations for the bombing raid before President Barack Obama admitted in a call to MSF chief Joanne Liu that the strike was a mistake and apologized.
A NATO statement released hours after the attack on Saturday, October 3 would not confirm the hospital was targeted, characterising it instead as 'collateral damage' as Afghan forces came under fire.


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