Lucknow: With a humble smile on face and strong conviction in mind, Akhilesh Yadav, a new avatar in Uttar Pradesh politics, tries hard to convince the people of the state. The Samajwadi Party’s state unit chief abstains himself from unnecessary criticism. Akhilesh had hit the campaign trail with a positive mood and soon become the popular among voters.

The SP strategists are of view that the party’s poll campaign revolved around Akhilesh. The three-time MP, Akhilesh talks as a mature politician.  UP assembly polls 2012 were the test for Akhilesh as SP’s state unit chief. Inheriting the socialist values of politics from his father, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Akhilesh is full of confidence. His connect with the crowd was electrifying. His supporters as well as opponents said that Akhilesh has strived hard during poll campaigns.

Clearly, his cordial appeal reflected till D-Day on March, 6.  Akhilesh boosted his image as cool leader. At a time when former SP leader Amar Singh put a question mark on the originality of his degrees, the SP scion remained calm. He had said, “Amar Singh is my uncle.”  His candid reply left indelible impressions among the women.

Even he remained calm over sarcastic remarks of Beni Prasad Verma during the poll campaign. The way Akhilesh addressed the crowd in rallies makes him as mature politician.

He did not hesitate to take bold decisions in the party affairs. He had major say in the ticket distribution in the polls. Despite Azam Khan’s backing, Akhilesh did not allow mafia-turned politician DP Yadav to join the SP.

He publically announced that the SP government would not tolerate any gunda raj. Moreover he honestly admitted that something wrong had been committed in previous SP regime. Riding on anti-incumbency plank, Akhilesh reaped the electoral gains.