In his point-by-point rebuttal, Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Rai before the Joint Parliamentary Committee outrightly scrapped the claims of his former colleague about the loss incurred in 2G spectrum case and he made no protest on it, the question naturally comes up, why was such claim made? If there is no merit in such claim, as it is being suggested, what importance does it carry? It is indeed intriguing, why did the former colleague of the CAG sign on the dossier carrying 2G loss to the tune of Rs 1.76 lakh crore basing it as mathematical speculation? He should clarify the murky scene how did he first signe the document and he raised the protest over it later on. However, Vinod Rai has rubbished his claim, but people want to know what precisely is the amount of 2G loss the nation has incurred. Notably, the CBI has valued the loss of exchequer owing to the 2G scam at 30000 crore. It is obvious that few companies put billions of rupees in their kitty out of the 2G scam, but the moot point for JPC is in quandary whether the scam should be probed on account of exchequer loss due to 2G scam or causes of the 2G bungling.

If the JPC gets involved into the claims made on the CAG’s estimation of the exchequer loss in the wake of 2G scam, it will divert from its objective of probing the huge financial bungling in the allocation of 2G spectrum. It would be better if the JPC puts the onus of finding exact figure of the 2G loss on CAG. Since its beginning, the JPC has been engaged with various issues which have delayed the committee to reach the conclusion. Sometime it appears that the JPC is also meant for probing the functioning of the CAG. Now spotlight has shifted on whether the JPC’s chairperson had ever tried to influence the CAG. However, both the JPC chief and CAG have jettisoned this report, but the issue seems hardly to disappear from public domain. It is palpable that an effort is made to eclipse the JPC probe into the 2G scam and the committee should feel that they have to shoulder serious responsibility of its kind. The JPC has to investigate the 2G irregularities which are billed to be the biggest scam in Indian economy and also dented the image of the country.