Beijing, Jan 23 (Agencies): Chinese President Hu Jintao's four-day visit to US bore rich results and cast a far-reaching influence not only on bilateral ties but upon the whole world, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said on Sunday.

"In summary, the just concluded visit of Chinese President achieved rich results and cast a far-reaching influence not only upon the two countries themselves but upon the whole world," Yang said.

In his talks with President Barack Obama, Hu stressed that as heavyweight players on the world stage, China and the US should push forward their positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship through new approaches, new moves and new spirits, Yang said.
Hu returned on Saturday after a four-day visit. The visit took place when the international situation was witnessing deep and complicated changes, and the China-US relationship was forging ahead with increasing momentum while inevitably encountering some differences and disputes, he said.

Against such a backdrop, the Chinese President held frank and in-depth talks with Obama, and many other senior political figures, and reached important consensus on bilateral relations and a host of major regional and global affairs, Yang said.

During the tightly scheduled trip, which saw Hu attend nearly 20 events in Washington and Chicago within 68 hours, the Chinese leader also reached out to the US public, conveying China's determination to advance China-US ties, highlighting China's commitment to peaceful development and presenting China's image of peace, development, opening-up and progress, Yang said.

Hu also underscored the need to develop a political relationship that featured equality, mutual trust and the precept of seeking common ground while reserving differences, to deepen their comprehensive, cooperative, mutually beneficial and win-win economic ties.

The Chinese leader also highlighted the need to cooperate in meeting global challenges, to promote friendly exchanges between the two peoples and to establish a pattern of high-level contact based on in-depth communication and candid dialogue.

China, Hu said, was ready to work together with the US to build on past progress, properly handle sensitive issues, jointly secure a sustained, healthy and steady development of bilateral ties and create a new landscape of their cooperation

Yang said Hu's visit injected new impetus into the growth of bilateral relations and Obama fully agreed to the president's proposals.

He said Beijing and Washington should hold on tight to the main theme of dialogue and cooperation, protect their relations from negative influence by accidental and sporadic events and steer the relationship through disturbances and challenges toward a better future.

Yang said the China-US cooperative partnership could not be built up without the strong support of mutually beneficial economic cooperation and Hu’s appeal to the US side to relax its restrictions on high-tech exports to China, offer an environment of fair competition to Chinese enterprises investing in the US, and adopt active measures to recognize China's full market economy status.