The software will help the police identify the accused and suspects, instantly by matching them with a data bank of photographs of known offenders.

"We are thinking of procuring the 'facial recognition software'...It is at the proposal stage right now. Suppose we have a data of photographs of criminals and on a CCTV camera, some image is captured, then we can always compare the facial features of the image with the data bank. It (software) can identify and tell us who that person is," Additional Commissioner of Police (Crimes and SIT) Swathi Lakra told reporters.

Right now, They had CCTV cameras across the city. Even if the image of a person was taken at any place or while committing any crime was captured, they were unable to know who that person is, She added.

"However, once this software is installed, if we get the image, basically the face, involved in some offence through the CCTV camera located in a shop or any other place, we can compare  it with the data bank. Thus, it can help us in detecting cases very easily," she explained.

It was almost like fingerprints. When they scanned finger prints and compare with data bank of finger prints, we got the name of such person, she said adding the software can also help in identifying any person whose photos have been taken around 50-years ago (when the person was aged 18-20 years then).

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