Hyderabad (Agencies): Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) president K Chandrasekhar Rao has said that they will continue the fight until separate Telangana was given with Hyderabad as its capital.

He said that nothing short of separate Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital will be acceptable to his party.

"We will continue our fight till separate Telangana is given with Hyderabad as its capital," a party release quoted him as saying while addressing a gathering at the party office here.

He hit back his allegation that lack of unity among Telangana political leaders has delayed the formation of Telangana state as Congress and TDP leaders refused to quit their posts as they promised earlier.

Telangana has been discriminated against and exploited ever since the formation of Andhra Pradesh, he alleged.

Meanwhile, several Congress MPs, ministers and other party leaders from Telangana held a meeting to discuss on their future course over the separate statehood agitation.

The meeting discussed how to convince the high command for securing separate Telangana and to make serious efforts for achieving the goal, Congress Lok Sabha member Ponnam Prabhakar told reporters.

The meeting assumes significance against the backdrop of the announcement of the Telangana political Joint Action Committee (JAC) to start a "non-cooperation movement" for Telangana from February 17. JAC comprises TRS, BJP and various people's organisations.