The BBC will be using IMImobile's DaVinci Social platform across radio, TV and live events, enabling production teams to seamlessly manage inbound and outbound audience interactions across SMS, MMS, email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, IMImobile said in a statement.


DaVinci Social is a single tool specifically developed to enable broadcasters to manage and respond to audience interaction across multiple channels, monitor citizen journalism and integrate contextual audience feedback into live programming.


In addition, the platform will be used to manage interactive services such as social and mobile voting, the company said.


Claire McLaughlin, Head of Interactive Technical Advice & Contracts Unit at BBC, was quoted as saying: "Throughout the bid, IMImobile was able to successfully demonstrate that the DaVinci Social platform meets our high demands and criteria for centralising all audience interactions across our radio, TV and live event programming.


The platform enables the BBC to respond to the change in audience behaviour and integrate mobile and social audience interactions into the broadcasting experience."

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